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It’ll be a SUPER Workout!

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This Saturday were doing a football inspired workout. Please wear a jersey and come workout with friends and have a good time. We will design the workout around football points, yards, plays etc!! It’s going to be a blast!! 8-9am 9-10 bring a friend, hold the dip for Sunday!
Warm up
Runners stretch
Pigeon pose
Mountain climbers x 20 total
Hollow rocks 20
V ups
3 rounds

Rear rack lunge 5×5 per leg

“DB 7’s”
7 DB squats
7 DB swings
7 DB curl & press right arm
7 DB squats
7 DB swings
7 DB curl & press
10 rounds
Men: 45 lb women: 20 lb


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Warm up
10 min stretch/ rollout

High Knees
Butt Kickers
Toe Touches
Heel Grabs

Deadlift 5×3

100 Double unders
50 Wall balls
400m Run
40 Kbs
50 Double Unders
30 burpees
200m Run
20 Wall Balls


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Today were going to spend some time with the kettlebells. Working with kettlebells is as specific of a technique as lifting a barbell properly. Watch this world kettlebell club video it’s one of the best videos I’ve ever watched and it’s free on you tube!! We’re going to learn the kb snatch and windmill. Both are challenging and require focus and technique to execute properly.

Warm up
Roll out lats
Keg stretch 2 min
Peanut t spine smash
Banded hip flexor 2min each side

KB Snatch+windmill
Accumulate 50 reps per side
Focus on technique and control

5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 air squats
200m run
AMAP 25 min

Snatch and Catch!

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Here is a great video of a full speed lift and the lift slowed by Olympic Champion Ilya Illin. Notice how close the bar stays to his body while forcefully pushing through his legs till the power position. From there this is where Ilya quickly pulls himself under the bar and his hands and feet just about “hit/catch” at the same time to receive the bar in a solid power snatch. I am not implying that you need to be as fast as he is, but the name of the game is to beat the bar to the bottom.

Warm up
400m Run
30 Shoulder Pass throughs
30 Overhead Squats

Hang Snatch, 2 pos x2 Work up to best DM
Dropsets starting at 60% moving back up to meet or beat DM

10 Snatches 50/30
30 Burpees
8 Snatches
30 push ups
6 Snatches
30 Kbs 53/35
4 Snatches
30 Sit ups
2 Snatches

Tim to get real

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Alright guys summer is officially 146 days away but by the way the weathers looking around here it’ll be show some skin sometime. My question is to you what are you going to do about it. If your a member of our program then you know your going through some awesome strength and conditioning sessions. But that’s only one part if the equation! I’m talking about diet. We have an awesome program that a ton of members are having great success with. We’re only asking for a solid 4 months to change your body composition! Come on and join the team. If your serious contact us at via Facebook, email, or in person and we will get you the full plan!

Warm up
Hip capsule stretch
Bottom up squat x 20 3 sec hold in bottom
10 GHD sit ups
10 prone cobras
10 hip bridge
3 rounds
Pausing Front Squats 6×4
3 sec hold in bottom focus on
3 kb front squat per leg
20 double unders
EMOTM 15 min

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Warm up
T spine& pec smash
5 push ups w T
10 wall squats
4 rounds
Musical burpees!!

Battling ropes w squats
DB clean and thruster
Knees to elbows
Wall ball
4 rounds

Abb finisher!!

10 min roll out

Planche Walks
5×100 ft

Weighted Plank Hold
5 x max

Double unders
Sit Ups
Push Ups
Lunges/ split between legs
Russian twists

Happy B day!!

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Happy birthday Bianca it’s Bianca’s birthday so we will be killing this workout in her honor. If you’ve hung around the gym long enough you know that her positive attitude and work ethic is infectious! Happy Birthday B
Warm up
Jump rope 5 min every fail 10v ups
10 knees to elbows
10 banded good mornings
10 push ups
4 rounds

400m sprint
24 pull ups
24 pistol squats (12 per leg)
24 OHS 60/40
24 see the lights
(4 rounds)


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Warm up/mobility

400m jog
Roll out glutes/ Hamstring x20
Frog Stretch x20
Squat Hold 2 min

2x Clean+ 2 Front Squat
Work up to DM then drop down for 3 sets of 70% of DM

EMOTM 17 Min Alternating
2 cleans 70/40
10 Kbs

2 Cleans
10 V-Ups


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Many of you may know Tiffany Padilla but if you don’t you will now. She’s killing it and were so proud she’s a member of our gym family
“Started out at CenCal strength for their boot camp promotion. I honestly didn’t think I’d make it past the first week! I had my friend Hannah there along side giving me that extra push. Once I started inside with using the bars and weights was kind of nerve wrecking. I thought eventually I would give up, because in my head I was thinking I would never be able to do what they are doing. Lots of new movements and lingo to learn was just a tad bit intimidating. I have to say with the extra push from everyone around me at the gym is very helpful! We are all striving for one thing and that’s to be fit! I really like that we all give each other that extra push to finish that last rep, and just hearing “you got this” or “great job” can be that extra push you need! I love my gym and my coaches are awesome and knowledgeable at all the movements we do. We are basically one big family at CenCal Strength striving for the same thing and it’s awesome feeling! gym family.”

Warm up
T spine mob
Roll out it bands
20 air squats
10 candlesticks
3 rounds
“4 quarters”
1) 20-15-10
Thrusters 60/40
Bar burpees
2) 5-10-15-20-25
Air squats
Push ups
3) 30 hang cleans for time
Catch in a full squat
4) 100 double unders
Every fail 5 burpees
Rest 2 min between quarters