Tim to get real

Posted: January 27, 2014 in Uncategorized


Alright guys summer is officially 146 days away but by the way the weathers looking around here it’ll be show some skin sometime. My question is to you what are you going to do about it. If your a member of our program then you know your going through some awesome strength and conditioning sessions. But that’s only one part if the equation! I’m talking about diet. We have an awesome program that a ton of members are having great success with. We’re only asking for a solid 4 months to change your body composition! Come on and join the team. If your serious contact us at via Facebook, email, or in person and we will get you the full plan!

Warm up
Hip capsule stretch
Bottom up squat x 20 3 sec hold in bottom
10 GHD sit ups
10 prone cobras
10 hip bridge
3 rounds
Pausing Front Squats 6×4
3 sec hold in bottom focus on
3 kb front squat per leg
20 double unders
EMOTM 15 min

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