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A for effort

Posted: February 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

Jump rope 15 min
Every fail max effort plank hold

50 Lunges per leg
50 ring push ups
50 snatches
50 squat jumps
50 1 arm thrusters
50 GHD sit ups.
Finish with run to Davis rd.

It is just rain

Posted: February 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

Warm Up
High Knees
Butt Kickers
Toe Touches
Heel Grabs
Lateral Runs

Banded Hamstring Stretch 2 min per
Bent Knee Iron cross 20 per side

5×3 Deadlift for DM

9 Deadlifts (70/40)
12 Push-ups
15 Box jumps (24″ 20″)
15 Min AMRAP

Here is a secret, we are open even if it rains! Who knew!

KB Clean and Press

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Check out this KB Clean and Press Video I like this video for several reasons
1 is it demonstrates technical mastery of the movement and proper execution.
2. The setting is awesome I mean come on he had to hike all those mountains with all the kettlebells in tow.
3. The cinematography is solid. Reminds me of a soft core porn with the cheesy music and natural setting. Lol
Warm up
“Limber 11”

EMOTM 10 min
KB Clean and Press
3 per arm

200m sandbag run
5 sandbag

Clean it up

Posted: February 25, 2014 in Uncategorized

Warm Up
400M Jog
Banded Good Mornings x30

Banded Front Rack Stretch 2 Min
Plate Between Feet Squat Hold 2 min

12 Min to work up to 2RM Clean and Jerk/Press for DM
5 Min EMTOM, 2 Clean and Jerk/ Press

10 Clean and Jerks/Presses 60/30
20 T2B
30 Push ups
40 Double Unders
3 rds

It’s better with friends

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This week we’ve got some great workouts in store! This week is a great week to bring a friend and show them what you’ve been talking about!! See you tomorrow!!
Warm Up
Sampson lunge x 20
Hindu push ups x 20
Mountain climbers w a pause x 20
Inch worm x 20
Balancing squats x 20

15 min build to a 3RM Front Squat

AMRAP 20 min
2 Russian KB Swings
2 Lateral Plate Burpees
2 KB Rows
2 V Ups
Reps increase by two for 20 min of work!

It’s party time

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Don’t forget tonight were getting together to celebrate Paige getting a job at UC Davis and sending her off the way the gym family does…. With a party in her honor!! We will fire up around 8/8:30 we will have food, beer, and drinks. Please come celebrate with us even if it’s just for a drink and a farewell good luck hug.

Warm up
Jump rope 12 min
Every fail 3 candlestick levers

10 1 arm DB Thrusters
25 v ups
10 1 arm DB Thrusters
25 burpees
10 1 arm DB thrusters
25 pull ups
10 1 arm DB thrusters
25 split lunges
10 1 arm DB thrusters
25 Push ups
2 rounds


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So as most of you know Brandon and me are quite serious about Olympic weightlifting. We study, practice, and live the life be because we love the sport. I really love it so much I really don not see myself working out in any other fashion. So, to the point there is a certain amount of etiquette that must be reserved. Meaning but not limited to certain circumstances.

1. When someone is approaching their bar for any attempt, stay away, do not walk in front or behind besides or any reasons of safety
2. When someone is set up at the bar absolutely do not break rule #1
3. DO NOT stand in front of someone taking their lift! At this point you put yourself there and if you are hurt, that is pretty much your fault.
4. Wait for the person to finish the lift then move to wherever you need to, borrow weights or congratulate said lifter.
5. Follow all rules from 1-5

1. Cause of the nature of how we run our S&C do not worry about it during conditioning portions. Just make sure there is enough space from your bar and the next person
2. Where Brandon and me stand during any other persons lift while coaching is up to our discretion. We are the coaches and we do happen to know what we are doing.

We as coaches only have a limited amount of time in our days to train. This time is OUR time. We love to train and we hate it when it gets interrupted by whatever means that could be avoided. If you want to watch us do what we what do, please, just watch. Ask questions when the time seems appropriate. DO NOT hover around us to ask you do to things with us or look for extra help. We reserve enough time in each class for that so ask them in that hour session. If any other questions or insight is needed please message us so we can respond accordingly.

Thanks for not reading all this post since I do know the workout is way more important. Love CCSC

Warm up/ Mobility
5 Min to mobilize work out kinks

High Knees
Butt kickers
Toe Touches
Heel Grabs

Work up to Heavy Clean DM 10 min
3 Cleans at 65% of DM

Wall Balls
See the Lights
Russian KBS


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And that about sums it up!!
Warm up
“Limber 11”

200m run
10 push ups
10 squats
Rest 1 min
400m run
20 push ups
20 squats
Rest 2 min
3 rounds

Today would be a great day to wear a watch and bring something to log your split times.


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Warm up
30 shoulder pass throughs
30 overhead squats

Overhead band stretch 2 min
Peanut t spine smash 2 min

Snatch+ hang snatch + ohs up to DM
Drop sets of full snatch, 70% of DM working up to DM

50 burpees
40 T2b
30 push ups
20 power snatches 50/25
Rest 2 min

40 burpees
30 T2b
20 push ups
10 power snatches


we will be open regular schedule tomorrow.
Also don’t forget about Paige’s going away party this Friday at the gym starts at 8pm. Feel free to bring a dish and your favorite beverage. If you do choose to drink please arrange transportation or we will be calling you a cab!! We will have a blast and we hope to see you there!

Warm up
400m run
Hip flexion
Pigeon pose

Pausing back squats
6×4 pause 3 seconds in bottom position

800m run buy in
1 p clean
3 f squats
1 p press
3 back squats
1 rr p press
30 double unders
7 rounds
800m run cash out
Men 60kg
Women 40kg