It’s a party

Posted: February 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

Ok we’ve got some awesome events coming up.
The first although it pains me to say it is a going away party for Paige. She has excepted a full time job at UC Davis and has been working her butt off to get that job! I think I speak for the whole Cencal family when I say she will be deeply missed. But we are all so happy and excited for her!! We will start off the party at the gym Friday Feb 21st around 8pm it will be potluck style and the Smoke Shack will also be supplying the meat. This is open to anyone so please come celebrate with us. There will be alcoholic beverages so if you plan on drinking please plan your travel accordingly we love all of you far too much! It’s going to be a blast! We will have food/beverage sign ups on the community board!
The second thing is we’re going to have a mock weightlifting meet in late march. Coach ken and I will be running it as well as lifting. This is a great chance for some of you to experience a weightlifting meet in a low stress fun environment. We will have a sign up on the events board!!

Warm up
Hip cross x 20
Banded low back 3 min

20 Sampson lunge
20 mountain climbers
3 rounds

Box squat 10×4 (70% perceived max)

100 Russian KB Swings
At the top of every min 5 burpees
Rest 5 min
Double unders
Sit ups

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