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This weekends weightlifting meet was a blast. It was great to see our lifters and a few other lifters from around the area get together and throw down some weights. Looking forward to our next event it’s sure to be bigger and better. You can also check out the full video here
Warm up
Roll out hips/glutes/quads 5min
10 lunges
10 wall squats
10 ring rows
5 rounds
OHS x 3
EMOTM 10 min
(Focus on control and executing the lifts with precision)

100 kb front squats
100 push ups
100 kb swings
100 pistol squats

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Warm up
Walking lunge x 10
Push up x 10
Jumping jack x 20
4 rounds

For time
21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps of:
Thrusters, 95 / 65 lb.

20 sprinter sit ups
20 side planks
20 reverse crunch
20 super mans
3 rounds

Everybody get your roll on

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Warm up
Roll out, on twenties, with the top down, everybody get your roll on 5 min.

Max kipping pull ups x 5
Max HSPU x 5

DB deadlift x 5
DB lunges x 5@
DB cleans x 5
6 sets

Double under
Sit up
20 burpees


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Warm Up
High Knees
Butt Kickers
Toe Touches
Heel Grabs

5 min
Frog Stretch
Runners Stretch

2x Clean + Jerk up to DM
Dropsets of 3×1 @ 70% of DM

5 Pwr Clean 50/30
10 Push Press 50/30
30 Du’s

15 Min Amrap

Weightlifting meet

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There will be open gym Saturday 8-9am sharp. We are having a mock weightlifting meet from 9- if you’d like to participate please let us know. Everyone is welcome to stay and watch.

Warm up
10 lunges
10 hollow rocks
10 air squats
10 plank rocks
4 rounds

Pausing back squats x 3
EMOTM 10 min

25 burpees
100 1 arm DB snatch
100 push ups
100 air squats
100 sit ups
25 burpees

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The gym is a funny place isn’t it. So many people come and go. They come in so excited and are so quick to find an excuse to quit, a way to rationalize their mediocrity in life. We hear it all I don’t have time, only time to drink and complain about why they suck. Don’t have money because they spend money on things that are tearing down their health and fitness. To this I say thank you to those who are the grinders, the winners. The ones who get it done, who won’t except defeat, who know it’s hard, but do it anyways because they find satisfaction in a job well done. Thank you for not letting the weak ones tear you down or hold you back. Thank you for letting the quitters know why you look good, and why they quit on themselves. thanks to the true Cencal family. Stay strong family.
Warm up
800m run
Runners stretch
Pigeon pose

Hand stand push ups 5 x failure
Strict pull ups 5 x failure

Power clean x 3 60/40
Burpee x 5
KB swing x 9
4 min
Rest 1 min
Power clean x 3 70/50
Burpee x 5
KB swing x9
4 min
Rest 1 min
Power clean x 3 80/60
Burpee x 5
KB swing x 9
4 min


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Warm up
5 Min Jump rope or double under practice
30 Shoulder Pass Throughs
30 Overhead Squats

Snatch x2 up to DM
Dropsets at 70% of DM 2×2

3 Pwr Snatches 50/30
10 Pullups
10 Toe2Bar

3 Pwr Snatches
15 See the Lights 20/10
15 Wall balls 20/14
2 Rds

3 Pwr snatches
20 Lunges per leg
20 push ups
2 rds

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Warm up
Roll out 10 min
10 squats
10 sit ups
4 rounds
400m run
20 burpees
20 v ups
20 mountain climbers
4 rounds


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Warm up
400m Run

Rocking Frog Stretch x20
Balancing squats x30

Clean + Hang Clean to DM
Dropsets of 2×2 at 70% of DM

100 Double Under Buy in

5 power cleans 60/40
10 Push press 60/40

5 Deadlifts 60/40
10 burpees
3 rds

400m run buy out