What a Weekend!

Posted: June 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

So this weekend proved to be an eventful one. As you know Hannah Asman and Tiffani Padilla competed in the Hercules Rookie Rumble. Hannah ended up with an awesome first place finish to bring us another title.

From the weight lifting team we brought home three pieces of hardware. Nile got 3rd place overall for juniors, Andrew Manto 2nd place for the 85kg class and big Stu with a 3rd place finish in the 105+kg . Jerelle, Vince and Steven did awesome in their first official meet.

We are honestly proud of the strong group of individuals that have dedicated themselves to pursue their passion in either weightlifting or crossfit. We started as a gym that didn’t compete much aside from a few. Now weekends as almost packed and planned to be at some kind of event! We are honored and humbly respect all the gyms endeavours and we will reach all goals together.

Warm up
400 M run

Squat Hold 2 min
Rocking frog Stretch x20

2 clean + Push Press up to DM
Dropsets x3 @70%

50 Double Unders
50 KBS
2 Rds

50 Double Unders
25 Pull Ups

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