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So many amazing things coming this month we are so proud to expand our menu of services for our clients.

Weightlifting Classes: We are so thrilled to finally offer a weightlifting specific program. This is a program that is specific to olympic weightlifting. This will be taught by the areas only advanced level weightlifting coaches. This will be run in a class format but be specific to the Olympic lifts. This class will be open to all CenCal members as well as non members. If your looking to improve your lifts and get stronger this is the class for you. We will meet tuesdays and thursdays from 6:30-8pm beginning OCT 9th.

Nutrition Counseling and Body composition analysis: This is something that is going to take our members results to the next level. For clients that are interested in the program we will now be offering 30 min meetings to run body composition analysis to measure weight, body fat, etc. and set up meal plans for our members. The goal is to meet with clients once a mo to weigh and measure and set nutrition, body composition, and performance goals. We will start taking appointments starting Oct 9th.

Cardio Fit: We are also extremely excited to offer CardioFit classes. These classes will focus on developing strength and conditioning without the focused strength work that we use in our strength and conditioning classes. To put it simply our goal is to burn fat and tone up without using barbells. These classes will be 60 min long, they will be intense yet fun. Stay tuned to the website for scheduling and signups for these classes.

So you can see we are really kicking it up around here and we hope you are as excited as we are about our new programs. We will be adding a tab on the website for each of these classes so you can learn about them in greater detail. Aa always if you have any questions email Brandon at

                                                                                                                              Yours in Strength


Warm Up

Mountain Climbers x 20@

Frog Stretch x 20

Kosak Squat x 20@


3 back squats @ 85% Emotm 7 min

2 ohs w 5 sec hold in bottom EMOTM 10 MIN

   (Our goal in the OHS hold is to get comfy in the bottom position, this will be hard for many of you but my word to you is……. embrace the suck my friends and get better today)


3 burpee

6 Air Squat

9 Push Up

12 KB Swing (Full Swing)

15 min AMRAP

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