No Sat Class

Posted: October 3, 2014 in Uncategorized


There will be no class this saturday as all of our staff, competitors, and teams will be at the tomato massacre in Los Banos. This will be a great event to come out and support the cencal team.

warm up

Pigeon Pose 2 min per

Frog Strength 2 min

Calf Stretch

Squat Stretch


Accumulate for quality not Time!!!!

3X10 Man Makers

3×8-12 L Pull Ups/Strict Pull Ups

5xFailure L Sits

3X12 ghd Hip extension

    “Gun Shop”

5×12 Empty Bar Bicep Curls

5xfailure dips/bench dips


Execute Cardio of choice for 20 min

run, row, bike, walk jog just keep your heart rate up for 20 min

Yeah this is a little bit Like a body building workout! So what it is good to train like this from time to time. I know there is no running clock! how will you go on living?! Well your all going to live! I want you guys to focus on quality of movements and completion of all of your sets. Really try to focus on doing things right.

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