Introduction to the pain cave

Posted: October 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

So you will notice that we now have 5 Airdyne bikes. If your new to the airdyne……….. Well its flat out brutal cardio. We have some new ones and some “Retro” ones, honestly I dig the old ones better. Maybe because I just think old things are cool and resoect the quality craftmanship of the old days. So today we will be using the Airdynes in a time priority capacity. The goal is to get you guys introduced to it before we start messing with the other settings.

Warm Up

Mobilize and stretch 10 Min

20 jumping jacks

4 mountain climbers 2 sec hold

3 rounds


Strict Press

55% x 10

55% x 10

55% x 10

55% x 10

55% x  AMAP


Knees to Elbows

OH Lunge

Parlette push up/dip

Planche Hold

AirDyne Sprints

1 min at each station for 4 rounds there are no breaks between exercises or rounds

Also here’s another link to Juggernaut Training System

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