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Last week was awesome we accomplished so much together from the introduction of new equipment, tons of PRs and some awesome programming. The Juggernaut program is progressing along and I think you guys are getting the hang of things. Be patient give it time youll get stronger and more fit from this program I promise. This weeks going to be awesome heres what I want you to start by doing. Think back on where you were before you started our program. think about how far youve come and think about where you want to go. Understand that we want to see you reach your full potential and we try to provide you with every tool to get there. We offer custom nutrition planning, body composition analysis and tracking, Olympic weightlifting classes taught by the areas best coaches, and all of this is on top of our already top notch strength and conditioning classes. So if you want to compete in fitness, weightlifting, or just want to be a kick ass parent who looks and moves great please use us, talk to us, and let us help you get there. We love our job and we love you guys. BT

Heres the link to the Juggernaut template excel


Leg swings x 20ea

mountain climbers x 10ea

Sumo Squat and Reach x 10ea

Jumping Jacks x 1min



50% x 5

60% x 5

65% x 10

65% x 10

65% x 10+ (AMAP)



Double Under

KB Swing

Knees to Elbows


Jog 200m

1 Accumulate 1 min plank

Sampson Lunge x 5 @ 10 sec hold

3 rounds


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