Posted: November 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

Here is a little clip from fridays workout

This week were going to be moving through the realization phase of the juggernaut program. This is a huge week for us  as this is the most important phase of the training waves. We are going to build up to 70% and get as many reps as possible. So grab a spotter and get busy the magic is in the details so try to squeeze out every rep you can out of your last set.

On a side note welcome Nov. Heres the deal NOV and DEC are curial months in your fitness journey. The reason being that this is the time of year where comfort foods are everywhere and in mass quantities. The weather is cooling down, its a bit darker later so its easy to get lazy. Lets get it together lock down the hatches and get fit this holiday season. If you are really wanting to be fit come this summer IT STARTS NOW not in March!!! If this hits home for you schedule a nutrition appointment today and lets make it happen.

Warm Up

Leg Swings x 20ea

20 KB Swings

10 BW Squats

3 rounds


45% x 5

55% x 3

65% x 1

70% x AMAP



Double unders

sit ups

200m tun


Landmine wood chops x 10ea

Land mine rows x 10ea

5 sets

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