Posted: November 24, 2014 in Uncategorized

Wow Its almost thanksgiving and its been an awesome year thus far. Couple things for this week

1. Don’t forget about the Christmas party on Dec 13th at the AVE from 7-close. We just finalized all of the food and drinks and this is going to be an awesome event and we want all of our valued clients to be there. We will be putting it on the events board and we made a Facebook event. If you did not see the event page then check the board for details. This will be a great chance to get together with the gym family kick back and have a great time.

2. This week we have a major holiday, just incase you forgot. The schedule this week is as follows.

mon: Regular hours

tues: Regular hours

Wen: Regular hours

Thurs: open gym 8-10am

Fri: open gym 8-10am

Saturday: open gym 8-10am

3. We will be doing a toy drive workout on DEC 5th and 6th the WOD will be awesome and your only buy in to the workout will be your kind donation of an unwrapped toy!


Knee Hug/Lunge

Toe Pulls

Leg Swings

Hip Cross

Scorpion Stretch


65% X 3

75% X 5

80% X 8

80% X 8

80% X amap


30 Clean and Jerks 60/35

rest 2 min


Double Unders

Sit ups

rest 2 min




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