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Guys so heres the deal, I was thinking about how to get some of you guys on board with nutrition and getting serious about things this year. Many of you train hard but just have questions regarding your nutrition. So heres your challenge.
Starting next saturday January 10th we will hold weigh in and body fat measurements from 7-11am. We are going to follow the whole 30 plan. the only difference is were going to follow it for 90 days. were going to take measurements at the beginning and then 90 days later. I don’t want you guys to be focused on weight loss alone. This is about getting healthy and performing well in your workouts.
What will you get out of this? Being apart of a community of people who are training hard for a goal. What will you win? Health and fitness, reaching your goals. There is no cost to start the program only that you come in and give measurements.
The rules are explained in the whole 30 website which I will include a link to. Its simple, no weighing and measuring, no special supplements, just eat real whole food for 90 days!!

What we expect from you.
come in and get your measurements taken
Take a tri panel photo of yourself. side, front,side (You can take it, and you keep it for yourself)
Follow the whole 30 rules for 90 days
Log your workouts and your food. You can use an app or manual journal.
Be active daily on the FaceBook message board. It will help you stay on track by getting motivation from those in the gym going through it with you. sharing recipes, advice, and encouraging words.
Re measure and retake photos in 90 days. DO NOT WEIGH YOURSELF DURING THE 90 DAYS, just eat whole real foods.

Warm up
Half clam
Lateral leg lift
Monster walks
Tempo squats

20 squats
20 jumping jacks
2 rounds

Strength Squats Deload
5×5 @ 50%

EMOTM 15 min
Box jump x 5
Ring Dips/push ups x 10

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