Its Test Time

Posted: February 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

team comp

What a great weekend Our teams competed at CrossFit My Heart this weekend for a great cause. Our teams swept the podium across the board all of their hard work and dedication to the process really paid off. More importantly than the physical accomplishments are the money and awareness that were raised for a great cause.

This week we will be testing in preparation for the next phase of training we will be starting. Maxing your lifts is nothing to freak out about and in fact can be done safely. It is important for us to get an accurate measure of where your at to get the most out of the next phase of training. Don’t be afraid to push yourself, Grab a spotter and a coach before any maximal attempt. Every max attempt needs to be observed by a coach and a spotter DO NOT TAKE A MAX ATTEMPT UNSUPERVISED. It is our goal to help you achieve the best you can do. Heres this weeks schedule Monday max Back Squat Wednsday max Deadlift Friday max bench Press and Front Squat. Also remember to log these numbers as they will need to be calculated into the next phase of training. You can manually log them into a notebook or onto your notes in your phone, write them on your forehead I don’t care just make sure that they are logged and ready to be used in the next training program. The worst thing to do is need to try to remember what you did for your max. Makes calculating exact percentages pretty hard.

Warm Up

Hip Circle Warm Up

Squats x 20

Lunges x 10 ea


20 min to establish Max Back Squat

(Once you reach a max use the remainder of the time to complete 20 GHD Sit ups 50 Double unders)


AMAP 20 min

200m run

10 burpees

10 Box Jumps

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