Don’t Be a Quitter

Posted: February 23, 2015 in Uncategorized

This past weekend I ran into a bunch of past clients. Some tried to avoid me others gave me a head nod and scurried away. With the decline in the resolutions folks I thought Id compile a list of quitters.

I don’t have enough time. This could be possibly believable if these quitters weren’t finding so much time to be on instagram/facebook. Hey look at me I’m at in n out, hey look at me I am at the mall, hey look at me I am laying on the couch because its far too cold to do anything else, Yes down right frozen, all of about 40 degrees.

I now have a boyfriend/girlfriend. You know these ones they start at the gym a broken person who just broke up and wants to get super fit. Yes of course they accomplish their goal of getting fit and regaining their confidence so much so that they find another significant other who is deffinately an upgrade. The problem is now that they spend all of their time cup caking on the couch and taking the time to take every ridiculous cuddle selfie they now have no time to workout, hey look at us on the couch, hey look at this crazy rock we hiked up to selfie, look its ice cream and sweats selfie. The problem is it took forever to get in shape and as many of you found only took 2 months of cup caking on the couch all day and not training to gain back what you lost plus 10 lbs. Plus cuddling over broccoli and chicken isn’t funny and sexy now is it.

The its too hard quitter. Yeah these ones are great they also start out and get results but then send you the text out of the blue saying they quit because its too hard. No it was hard to get up the courage and step in the door and start this journey but you did and you did well but now you quit. You know whats really hard? For me to see you in the grocery store in 6-8 months in worse shape than when you started training. You know whats hard, diabetes, obesity, etc. Yeah i see you trying to hide the 3 boxes of bon bons, twinkles, frozen pizza, oh and the small bag of salad.

I could go on and on about the quitters I’ve met worked with and made positive changes with bit ill save you. The point is don’t get mad at me if I take it a little personal when you quit on me for some SHIT excuse yeah SHIT. A great coach once told me Brandon when I stop yelling at you then you should worry because that means I stop caring about your success. Thats just it we care about you , I care about the 5 lbs you just lost, I care that you added 5kg to your back squat, I care that your a fitter father/mother now. I care about all of you on many levels. I may not stand there with pom poms and do backflips (Icannot backflip fyi) but I care and I want to share this journey with you. So no you can’t just quit, and no we won’t make it easy on you to just quit, we care too much. END OF RANT. BT

Warm Up

Hip circle warm up

200 jump ropes

20 BW Squats


Front Squat 82% 5×3

Back Squat 82% 5×3



KB Swing

Goblet Squat

200m run

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