Posted: August 28, 2015 in Uncategorized

Happy 30th birthday to Vince. He’s been a long time member, rarely misses a day, and is always positive. We’re very blessed to have this guy part of our gym family. He’s become more than a member and a friend he’s become family. Happy birthday Vince may we all suffer through this one with you! 


  • 5min jump rope


  • Strict Press 3×3


  •       “V-MONEY”
  • 85 air squat 
  • 30 snatch 
  • 30 push up 
  • 30 box jump 
  • 30 KBS
  • 30 sit ups 
  • 30 pull ups 
  • 30 wall balls 
  • 30 clean and jerks 
  • 85 air squats
  •      RX snatch c&j 60/40 KBS 70/53 box 30/24 

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