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Tomorrow we will start a six week micro cycle of training. The goal with the next six weeks is work to fix some bilateral deficits that have been created. By focusing on unilateral movements the goal is to get stronger by training our balance, stability, and build strength. The days will be broken down into four phases 1. soft tissue mobilization, we will be doing some specific tissue work for five minutes give or take. 2. Core stabilization, this is NOT crunches, we will be working on anti extension, anti lateral flexion, and anti rotation. Training the “core” has nothing to do with flexion of the Abs, in fact chronic flexion of the spine will lend itself to back pain and pelvic floor dysfunction. Truly training the “core” will produce that flat stomach you are all texting me about, as well as keep you strong in all the right areas to be a high functioning human being. 3. Strength, we will define strength in this cycle of training as stable and strong. By working on single leg movements the goal is to fix some issues in the synergistic relationships that can come from too much bi lateral work. If one half of the system is stronger the compensating side will eventually fall behind and overuse injuries are inevitable. This being said its ok on the new movements to take it slow until the new motor pattern is established. In our power work the goal will be positioning and proper mechanics. Sure cleaning heavy is awesome and burns a ton of calories ladies, but the goal will be form and function over mass moved. If your goal is to lift heavy great, but the coaches will be the judge of this as the goal is not to achieve maximums, there will be time for that. 4. Conditioning, Conditioning will be intense but will be kept to shorter intervals to allow for all phases of training to be accomplished daily. The goal is to keep the time domains for our conditioning no more than 20 min. We all train to have fun, feel better, and perform better, just come with an open mind and enjoy the process, we will handle the rest.

Yours in Strength


Warm Up 15 min

  • Roll: Lumbar Spine, TFL, IT bands, Lats/posterior delts, Adductors
  • Core: Plank on roller 30 sec, 1 leg straight leg Deadlift x 10 ea, 1 leg glute bridge x 10 ea 4 rounds

Strength 15 min

  • Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat x 5
  • TRX Inverted Row x 10
  •     EMOM 10 min split squat done from the barbell front rack position

Conditioning 20 min

  • Buy in 400m run
  • 5 rounds
  • 10 deadlifts
  • 8 p cleans
  • 6 front squats
  • 4 push press
  • buy out 400m run

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