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Its been a great couple of days of training so far. I know life gets crazy at times but punctuality is very important. We work hard to build as many high impact movements in our warm ups, so coming late is not only distracting, but potentially dangerous. The goal is to truly build the body and SMR and Activation exercises are critical to success. On the board you will see the strength workouts and warm ups for the next six weeks. There will obviously be changes in our conditioning but the strength program is pretty linear over the next six weeks. There are four warm ups in this training cycle A,B,C,D. Each component of the warm up has a very specific purpose, so put effort into it. Come everyday with an open mind, you may not always like the program, but I assure you there is tremendous thought put into our programming cycles. If you have questions regarding the how and why of the program by all means please ask, its not only my job to explain the details to you, its also my passion.

Yours in Strength


Warm Up

  • SMR
    • Upper Back x 10
    • Upper back Flexion/Extension x 10
    • Lat/Posterior Deltoids x 10ea
    • Pectorals x 10 ea
    • Piriformis x 10ea
  • Activation
    • Sumo Squat to OH Squat x 5
    • Ab Wheel x 15
    • Plank Clocks x 3ea
    • Sampson Drop Lunge to Hamstrings x 5ea
      • 3 rounds


  • H Power Clean + FS 5×5
    • Build up to a heavy set of five, then start your 5 x 5 (anything less than 60% counts as a warm up)


  • 15 wall balls
  • 10 hspu
  • 15 thrusters 40/25
  • 10 burpee box jumps
    • 4 rounds

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