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Warm Up

  • SMR
    • Calves x 10ea
    • IT Bands x 10ea
    • Adductors x 10ea
    • Glutes x 10ea
    • Pigeon Pose x 10 breathes ea side
    • Hamstrings x 10ea
    • Quads x 10ea
  • Activation
    • TRX Body Saw x 15
    • Open Books x 10ea
    • Dead Bugs x 5ea
    • 1 Leg Glute Bridge x 5 ea
    • Hip Circles x 10ea side
      • 2 rounds


  • Push Up x 10
  • TRX Inverted Rows x 10
    • EMOM 7 min
  • Below I have included a step progression of how to increase difficulty of the push up. The push up is a fantastic whole body strength movement. It is often de valued as it does not “Load” the chest like a bench press. The push up is one of the best ways to strengthen the core and upper body. It should be pointed out that a 3:1 pull to push ratio is preferred we will make up the ratio deficit in the conditioning via KB High pulls and pull ups. Point is try to challenge your push ups by increasing difficulty using the step chart.


  • 800m run
    • then
  • 50 kb swings
  • 40 mb v ups
  • 30 KB High pulls
  • 20 squat jumps
  • 10 Pull Ups
  •    2 rounds
    • then
  • 800m run IMG_0588.PNG

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