Posted: October 6, 2017 in Uncategorized

Supine Floor slides

Split stance bottoms up press

Side Plank with row

We will be incorporating a couple new exercises and I promise they won’t disappoint. Take some time to watch the videos, they are short but will shed some light onto what were doing.

warm up

  • SMR
    • Breathing Floor Slides x 10 breathes
    • Low Back x 10
    • TFL x 10ea
    • IT Bands x 10ea
    • Adductors x 10ea
    • Glutes x 10ea
    • Lat/Posterior Delts x 10ea
  • Activation
    • Box Hip flexor stretch x 5 breaths ea side
    • Quadraped T spine x 10ea
    • TRX Atomic Pikes x 15
    • Side Plank + row x 10ea
      • 2 rounds


  • Split Squat x5
  • Split Leg Bottoms Up Press x 5ea
  •     EMOM 7 min


  • 5-10-15-10-5
  • Hang Clean + thruster 60/35
  • Bar facing burpees

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