Posted: October 9, 2017 in Uncategorized

I hope everyone had a restful weekend! This is going to be another awesome week of training and I hope your as excited as I am. This week we stay with the Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat, but the rep scheme has decreased to three per leg. The goal again durning this program is to build strength and stability, in order to accomplish this we will need to move more load. The threes week will challenge you in a different way as the load will be heavier. Focus on keeping the core as tight as possible, lower down to the pad, and think of the lift as a bottom up movement. Every great strength and conditioning program should include some type of back training, our goal tomorrow is to build on that pulling strength using pull ups. This week come to work, come to have fun, and come to get better at something your lacking.

Yours in strength



Warm Up A


  • Split Squat x 3
  • Strict Pull Up x 5
  •   EMOM 10 min


  • 10 rounds
  • 9 squat jumps
  • 9 hspu
  • 9 burpees
  • buy out
  • 43 Unbroken Double Under (In honor of Kevins B-Day)

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