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I recently ran across the saying “task vs intent.” What does that mean to you? Too often in the current strength and conditioning world people place value on perceived exertion training. RPE or rate of perceived exertion training has really brought down the integrity of the strength and conditioning industry and how people approach their fitness. Is your goal to truly go as hard as you can and finish lying in a pool of sweat and blood on the floor? Or is your goal to build a solid foundation of movements, be truly functional, train and live pain free, and be able to have a high level of performance as you age? It is my hope that you would value the latter. Any idiot can write a “hard” program, do 100 burpees and I’m sure you’ll be crushed… but why? You need to ask why more often, why are we doing this, what is the purpose? So I come back to the saying of “Task vs Intent.” If your focus is just the task then whatever your doing is just movement with no thought and no purpose. If your focus is the intent then you should be focused on every aspect of the movement, what are my abs doing? what is my posture like? Am I in a position of strength and alignment? Your focus always needs to be on intent not how “beast mode” your going.

Something to think about how you move and why we do what we do. The body is stacked in an amazing way that allows us to move and do incredible things. Check out this list of Normal Movement patterns and start to think about how your body moves and how you can move better.

  • Foot—–Stable
  • Ankle —–Mobile
  • Knee—–Stable
  • Hip—–Mobile
  • Pelvis/Sacrum/Lumbar Spine—–Stable
  • Thoracic Spine—–Mobile
  • Scapulo-Thoracic—–Stable
  • Gleno-humeral/shoulder—–Mobile
  • Elbow—–Stable
  • Wrist—–Mobile
  • Cervical Spine—–Stable

Warm Up C


  • H Power Clean + Front Squat x 2
  • TRX Inverted Row x 10
  • EMOM 7 min


  • 15 min AMRAP
  • 5 deadlifts (50/35)
  • 5 hang cleans
  • 5 front squats
  • 5 push press
  • 5 back squats
  • 5 burpees every time he bar rests on the ground 

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