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Happy New Year!! 2018 is going to be a great year.

We will be starting a new program officially next week. We will be starting with some new warm up exercises. I have modified the SMR program as I don’t feel people were putting the effort and focus into it that it deserved. It is my hope that you will get in a few minutes early and take care of your tissues and foam roll. Moving forward I have expanded the activation component with not only new exercises but also a slight increase in volume. Please take some time and focus on the activation. The exercises are a great way to build your core and take care of any bits and pieces that may be holding you back. The strength program we will start on monday will require some math as we are going to start working toward some percentages and use some spreadsheets which I will link . It will be a 12 week strength phase to start the year coupled with some quality interval conditioning to really make some gains in your cardiovascular and sprint endurance! So what I am basically saying is….. Yeah for new things!!!! Also not to sound like a broken record as I am sure your social media feed is already blowing up with pictures of everyones food! Remember that nutrition and fitness is all about consistency. Make good food choices and do something active daily and you’ll be looking at some positive scale numbers come summer time. Summer bodies are made in the winter!!!

Warm Up A


  • Front Squat x 5
  • Hollow Rocks x 10
  •   EMOM 7 min build up in weight


  • EMOTM 20 mins -alternating
    3 pwr cleans 70/40
    5 box jumps

    3 front squats 70/40
    5 wall balls

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