Posted: March 6, 2018 in Uncategorized

Couple of housekeeping things.

  1. As you can tell we have reorganized things in an effort to stay on top of our space. If you use it please clean it and put it away. Try to find one thing a day that you can organize. For many of us we spend a good part of our life in the gym. Lets just make our space neat and Tidy it just makes training more enjoyable.
  2. I would like to start testing some lifts in the next week or so to structure an organized strength plan moving forward. Testing is a necessary evil for all strength coaches. We love to hate it for various reasons, but how do we know where we are going if we don’t know where to start. We will be testing the Squat, Deadlift (from risers), Push Press, and the clean. These are base strength movements which should provide us a good metric to base the percentages from moving forward. The goal is to structure an undulating strength program that will compliment our conditioning and Movement programming in our activations. Theres also a large debate about how much to use during the workouts, to remedy this we will now program the conditioning weights based off 1RM percentages. This will level the playing field as well as provide us with a responsible selection of load to maximize our conditioning.
  3. If you are interested in pinpointing your movement defiecncies let me know if you would like a movement screen ($25). From here we can develop a specific toolbox of correctives to get you functioning better and fix lacking movement patterns.


Warm Up B

3 rounds


  • Clean Complex build to a max in 15 min
    • Clean pull from floor
    • Hang Clean from Knee
    • Clean from floor
    • front Squat x 2


  • Clean x 4 @ 70/50
  • Double KB Lunge x 6 ea 53/35
  • Wall Ball x 8
  • Push Up x 10
    • Rest 1 min
  • 5 rounds

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